Important Notice

In the face of equine influenza outbreaks the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) have asked all event organisers to ensure that all horses and ponies are vaccinated against equine flu.

Therefore, ALL horses and ponies attending the Sandringham Charity Horse Ride on Sunday 8th May 2022 will be required to have received all primary injections against equine flu, these must be given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart and MUST have been administered at least 8 days prior to the date of the event.

All horses/ponies booster injection MUST have been given on or before the date of their equine flu vaccination the previous year.

If the horse/pony has never received an equine flu vaccination, or their booster injection has exceeded their 12 month renewal date, a new set of equine flu vaccinations will need to be given as described in paragraph 2.

PLEASE NOTE  ALL horses/ponies passports will need to be shown to the secretary or vet if requested, this is to show that the vaccinations are up to date, failure to produce this will result in not being able to take part in the ride.


The above stipulations have been put in place to try and protect your horse/pony contracting equine flu and also to protect the horses at The Royal Sandringham Stud and the horses and ponies who live on the Sandringham Estate.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter

The Important Notice will print out along with the Pre-registration Form.

DOWNLOAD pre-registration form for: Pre-registration Form May 2022